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Building A Successful Business

Success Minutes
Dear Kate,

Spring is coming. The sun is out in the morning when we wake up and the days are getting longer. The birds are chirping. Soon flowers will start blooming and we'll see beautiful colors everywhere. The changing of the seasons changes our energy. We're all made of energy and the type of energy we put out is the type of energy we will attract. Therefore, it's important to choose the type of energy we are feeling and putting out into the universe. EFT helps us easily and quickly change our energy.

I'm offering a very exciting two-part teleclass aimed at business owners and sales people - but, anyone would benefit from it. The first class focuses on reducing money stress and all of the fears that go along with it, such as not having enough and more going out than coming in. The second class deals with getting people out of their comfort zone to become more confidant about marketing themselves and utilizing all of the different types of social media.
Success Tip
We'll be tapping out these fears and the stress it causes and replacing those thoughts with positive, confident ones - putting you in control! Here's an easy way to create more positive energy. Think about the words you say, especially, first thing in the morning, as that sets the tone for your day. Do you wake up complaining, saying, "I didn't sleep well" or "I have to go to work"? Instead, start to use more optimism when you speak. Think of something you're happy about. Talk about how comfortable your bed is or how you love the smell of your shampoo or the wonderful aroma of the coffee brewing. Think and choose your words carefully. Start with baby steps...try it in little ways and see how you feel. See if you notice a difference in how your day is going. By making these simple changes, speaking more positively instead of negatively, you'll start having a more positive day. Ultimately, this new positive energy you're bringing in will lead to attracting more abundance into your life. If you'd like more information about this or want to share your own successes, I'd love to hear from you.
Building a Successful Business
Kate Beeders, MTT/EFT Practitioner
Imagine creating a financially and emotionally successful business - doing something you love and are passionate about, while reaping all of the rewards. What if you had a line of customers...and clients on a waiting list? Picture all of these people who want to do business with you. You can have that!

However, as long as you repeat old patterns or allow fears to stop you, you'll be blocking abundance and success from coming into your life. By combining EFTand the Law of Attraction, we'll be eliminating these negatives and start replacing them with positives.

Letting Go of Money Struggles
Wednesday, March 24, 7:30-8:30 pm EST
Are you struggling to pay your bills? Are you worried that not enough steady income is coming in? Is all of this money stress keeping you up at night? As the Law of Attraction states that you'll get what you focus on, we'll be working on eliminating these feelings of "want" and "lack" so you start attracting more money and abundance into your life. Sign up now!

Overcoming Fears of Marketing Yourself
Wednesday, March 31, 7:30-8:30 pm EST
Is it difficult for you to put yourself out there? Are you uncomfortable self promoting? Do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone? Is all of the social media overwhelming and too time consuming for you? We'll be eliminating the fears that are holding you back and leave you feeling more comfortable, in control and excited about marketing a business that you love. Sign up now!

Buy Both And Save!
Imagine releasing thoughts of fear and struggle and replacing them clarity and confidence. This fabulous and powerful series includes two classes and the audios of the class. Experience first hand the benefits of quick changes through EFT. By signing up for both, you'll receive a savings on the purchase of the package and a coupon to save $25 off of an individual session. Sign up now!

Elizabeth Lesser on Tapping to Success
Elizabeth Lesser

Sunday, March 21, 7 p.m. EST
Elizabeth Lesser
, co-founder of the Omega Institute, frequent guest on Oprah, radio host on Oprah network, will be discussing her best selling book Broken Open.

The Tapping to Success radio show, is broadcast live on Energy Talk Radio and BlogTalkRadio
Start making those changes now, contact me for your FREE 15 minute success consultation.

Tapping to success,

Kate Beeders
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"I'm back from my trip today, and I must tell you that EFT worked beautifully for me in advance of the plane flight over to Rome. I tapped the night before, the morning of, in the cab to the airport and at the airport and that's all I needed. That was it. I had no issues flying was a piece of cake, and didn't even tap. So, I feel great progress was made. So, thank you again for your last minute help and support."
- Anonymous

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